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New Blog, New Architecture and What I've Been Doing

Published Tue, 22 Jan 2013

If you've visited my blog before, you may have noticed that it has changed pretty radically, visually, and hopefully also in less tangible but perceptible ways as well.

The old blog was hosted on a Dreamhost Wordpress installation like many other lower traffic blogs that make up the long tail of the Internet. However it's always bothered me that the generally user experience is pretty horrible on that sort of set up.

It's pretty standard for shared hosted Wordpress sites to have response times > 1000ms and full page load times > 10s. Standard Wordpress themes have a lot of features that you don't really need and generally are not designed for readability. Finally the mobile experience tends to be poor.

A few things happened which culminated in this site -

So what I ended up doing is using this blog as a way to bring to fruition those goals and ideas and prove out what a working architecture could be with that direction in mind. The result is a 12 month backburner project resulting in this blog.

I originally developed my own client side Javascript framework for submitting forms over REST/JSON, but while that worked fine for a couple of prototypes it was overly simplistic and quite limited. I then discovered AngularJS and have not looked back. AngularJS's design is both elegant and practical, and it fits very well with the rest of the stack I have been developing.

Anyhow the key features of this redesign are -

Anyway, I've quite pleased with the outcome of this work, and glad to be able to finally get it out there. Other than a little DNS switch-over hiccup, everything seems to be working ok!

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Richard Nichols is an Australian software engineer with a passion for making things.

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