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Dealing With Static Imports in Netbeans IDE

Published Tue, 29 Jan 2013 • 1 comments

Static imports can be quite a nice feature of the Java language for improving code readability and clarity, however they can be a bit of a pain to setup for use easily from within your IDE.

In Netbeans there's a couple of features / techniques that I use to make using static imports easier.

The first and most important is to enable the "JDK 1.5 and later > Static Imports" source hint.

Options panel of Netbeans showing source hint

This allows you to hint Alt+Enter on a static method and gives the source hint "Add static import for ...."

Example use of static import source hint

This allows you to add imports much more easily, but I find there are sets of classes that I'm always wanting to static import from, particular when writing unit tests, I want to import from the JUnit Asserts and Mockito's matchers and core library.

To go through these one by one and keep adding them gets pretty tedious, so a workaround I've come up with is to create a source template which has the common imports included.

A code template is an abbreviated form which you type and hit Tab to expand it. For example sout+Tab expands to System.out.println("")

I created a template with the following for sti+Tab :

import static org.junit.Assert.*;
import static org.mockito.Matchers.*;
import static org.mockito.AdditionalMatchers.*;
import static org.mockito.Mockito.*;

Here's where in the Netbeans options it lives:

Code template options in Netbeans

This means you can type sti+Tab when at the top of a class and get these static imports very quickly. I use this in combination with the "Fix Imports -> Remove Unused Imports" and "Organise Imports" features after I'm done writing the test code to remove unused imports and expand the wildcards into fully qualified imports.

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