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How to hardware reset a Playstation Vita by booting in safe mode

Published Thu, 18 Oct 2012 • 3 comments

I bought a Playstation Vita earlier this year and recently it developed some issues while upgrading the system software with the rather cryptic error "The file is corrupt." and error code C3-3817-9



Formatting the memory card and wiping the system didn't help.

I called Playstation support and it turns out there is a "safe mode" you can boot your Vita into which I didn't find by Googling prior to calling.

To access safe mode you need to:

  1. Fully power off your Vita (not just into standby)
  2. Hold the Playstation button, right shoulder button and power button simultaneously until the Vita powers on.
  3. You should boot into the following menu -

The option that fixed my system was option (4) "Restore the PS Vita System".

Hope this helps someone else out there who has a similarly useless Vita. If you can't update the system software, you can't access the Playstation Store or any of your digital downloads, so after trying to format my Vita to see if it fixed the problem, I effectively created an expensive brick. Glad that this worked!

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