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Where Does Wicket Store It's DiskPageStore Files?

Published Sun, 22 Aug 2010

Wicket stores everything other than the current Page for a given user's session (by default) in a second-level disk-based session cache.

I'd never looked much into how it worked, until I wanted to know where these files were located.

The answer as it turns out makes a lot of sense - here's the method that does the work in the -

 private static File getDefaultFileStoreFolder()
        final File dir = (File)((WebApplication)Application.get()).getServletContext()
        if (dir != null)
            return dir;
                return File.createTempFile("file-prefix", null).getParentFile();
            catch (IOException e)
                throw new WicketRuntimeException(e);

So by default it tries to use the servlet container's local context's temporary location, in a Wicket folder underneath. If that fails it attempts to grab the system's temporary folder.

For Apache Tomcat, that means a folder under your webapps context in apache-tomcat/work/Catalina/... e.g.

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