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Facelift time and on to Wordpress 3

Published Sun, 18 Jul 2010

Well I finally upgraded to the new Wordpress.

To be honest there's not really a great deal I was interested in, although the new Twenty-Ten theme is nice.

I took the opportunity to the give the site a bit of a facelift, since it was starting to look a bit cluttered. The new theme actually allows for more content, and doesn't feel so cramped.

I did consider for a moment, writing my own blog engine and moving the site on to Google App Engine, but then I thought of the 100 other things I'd rather be building, and sat down until the thought went away.

Wordpress is pretty great for what it is. There are times when I would like to get under the covers and have a bit more control (without learning PHP), but for the most part it does everything I need and is very user friendly.

Maybe when I get that "spare time" I hear about, I'll reconsider, but for now, I heart WP.

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