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Bernerd and Mac in a Brand New Bag

Published Fri, 11 Jun 2010 • 1 comments

There was a time around 6-7 years ago, I doubted whether I wanted to spend my life building software and working on technology. I have always had a fond love of animation and art, and so I undertook a 3D animation course part time, and started spending most of my spare time on and creating digital art.

I had a great time, and even went so far as to take the step of changing careers. I quit IBM in mid 2005 to take a job as a freelance animator on a production being run from Sydney. This only lasted a few weeks though before they let me go, stating that they didn't feel the remote working arrangement was working. I then went back to work for a past client part-time and kept working on animation in my spare time. I had a job offer to relocate to work for an advertising agency, but the low pay and move away from family and friends led me to turn it down.

My part time course finished at the end of 2004, and culminated in Bernerd and Mac - my first animation short which I produced from start to finish. It's fairly underwhelming to look at now, but I was proud of it at the time and I still look at back at it with fondness. For those not familiar with the animation process, creating an animated short single-handed is not a trivial (or fast) thing. Most people specialise in only one part of the overall process, and creating a short by yourself requires general skills across the board.

I'm posting the movie here and on Youtube, more for myself so I can look back on it every now and again when I'm feeling nostalgic. I'll be posting some of the later work I did over the coming months as I dig it up.

I'm still hoping to get back to animation at a later date when I have more spare time. When I stopped working on animation stuff in late 2006 I was half way through production of a far more ambitious short film. I'd done all the design, built the 3D sets, characters, recorded the voices and was in the process of building out the animatic when I found my engineering "mojo" again. Since then I've been busy coding, but I'd like to get back and finish that project one day though.

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Richard Nichols is an Australian software engineer with a passion for making things.

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