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Published Mon, 24 May 2010

So as of tonight, is officially launched!

What does that mean?

Basically I'm just telling anyone who'll listen, about it.

This site represents around 3 months work, in spare time and on weekends. It's the reason my blog posts have been sporadic, I haven't been going to the gym and I haven't spent enough time relaxing.

The site was designed for the AppMyState competition, run by the Premier of Victoria's office. The idea is to encourage innovation in apps for the benefit of Victorians.

You can read more about the ideas behind the site at the about page.

The site was built with Apache Wicket, Google Guice, warp-persist/JPA/Hibernate, visural-wicket and PostgreSQL.

I dabbled with MongoDB (thought I'd see what all this NoSQL hype was about) for a week or two, but ended up retiring it in favour of a more familiar and tested stack. I also persevered with Google App Engine + Wicket for the first month or so, but that turned out to not be a great match.

I'm intending to cover some of the development issues / adventures I had along the way in some future blog posts, but in the mean time - check out the site! :)

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Richard Nichols is an Australian software engineer with a passion for making things.

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