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HTML Sanitizer added to visural-common...

Published Mon, 22 Mar 2010

Cleaning HTML input to protect against cross site scripting (XSS) attacks is never fun. Doing some searching for a suitable Java-based sanitizing tool came up with a few candidates - the OWASP AntiSamy seems like the most fully featured one, and a good one if you need a less-restrictive policy that is still safe.

I wanted something more light-weight though, and stumbled across this.

Given the licensing I was able to integrate it into visural-common without problems. The only issue is that it has a dependency on the Jakarta ORO libraries for Perl-like regex's. Fortunately the Wicket devs have already done the hard-lifting with their version of the UrlValidator class which has been modified to use Java regex's.

So with 2 simple classes you can HtmlSanitizer.sanitize("<p>your html!</p>");

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