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Published Mon, 28 Dec 2009

Since I've been post-slack the last month or two, I thought I'd do a retrospective post on last year, with respect to code and this blog.

The last few months have been dominated with getting married, home maintenance and Christmas preparations, and so I've had little time for much else. I did manage to fit a much needed holiday in there though, and I'm hoping to hit 2010 with a renewed sense of energy.

That said, I did start the visural-wicket project not too long ago, and that is where much of my open-source energy has gone of late. The project is being developed in my spare time, largely to support the application I'm creating in my work time, but with a view of becoming a key dependency for open-review, an as yet unannounced project I started a while back, but then put on the back-burner for a number of reasons (time, design considerations, etc).

Once I've fleshed out a few more of the "must-have" components in visural-wicket, I will start to push for feedback and co-contributors, should the reception be positive.

I also open-sourced my visural-common code, which forced me to do a clean-up and clear-out of some stuff which had been hanging around in my source tree for far too long.

At work, things have really be head-down, bum-up and WORK for the month or two, so I haven't had the time or inclination to post any little "techy tid-bits" on the blog as a result. What I am considering doing in a short while though, is to put together a Wicket training series as a series of blog articles, as I think that would be valuable for the community and an interesting exercise for myself.

Anyhow, I'm rambling, so here's to a great 2010! :)

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