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My "utility belt" now open-sourced...

Published Tue, 17 Nov 2009

Most programmers over the course of their careers accumulate a "utility belt" of sorts.

Well I just open-sourced mine -

Primarily this is to support visural-wicket and another open-source project I'm working on a little. Also, I end up rewriting this stuff at pretty much every job in some form or other. So if this code is open-source I won't have to write it again - at least in theory ;)

My "belt" used to be a lot bigger, but there's more and more other open implementations of these sorts of things which I'm really happy with, and happy not to have to maintain by own version of. This is stuff that's left over, and for a large part is just part of my style of code writing.

There's not much of great interest in there - I personally think some of the small "helper" methods that are in there can make code read very elegantly, but hey, this is my "utility belt", so I'm biased.

In any case - my reasons for open-sourcing this are purely pragmatic, but take a look through and take out the stuff you like.

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