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Announcing - visural-wicket

Published Sat, 14 Nov 2009 • 1 comments

I've not posted a new blog entry for a few weeks. Mainly because I've just been too damn busy, with work and with wedding stuff.

At work we've taken the plunge with Apache Wicket, which I have to say,

is a fantastic web framework. I've used a lot of them over the past few years and Wicket is by far, the best I've used (including non-Java frameworks such as Rails - just my opinion). Wicket's component based, approach and it's abstraction of the request-response cycle (e.g. handling of AJAX) is extremely elegant, without going to the extremes that frameworks such as GWT go to.

Something I have found surprising though, is that there doesn't seem to be much of a Wicket component marketplace or community. I don't know whether it's complexity of building them, whether everyone is rolling their own, or whether everyone is pretty much happy with what's there out of the box, but for my own needs I've started an open-source project to create the Wicket components I wish I had, and a few Wicket related utility classes etc.

visural-wicket is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and is 100% free and open-source. The only work that I've done thus far is a new type of "drop down box" component, similar in some ways to the YUI Auto-complete control. Unlike that control though it has a mode which requires a list value to be selected (like a regular drop down box) and you may disable filtering (auto-complete) completely if you'd like. In essence it's more of a drop down component and not really an auto-complete. I have some other neat features planned for this component too, such as the ability to exclusively select values from the source lists when you use multiple instances of the drop down on a single page.

The project is currently in alpha stages of development, however the drop down component is currently functional, if a bit buggy.

I have some other major items I want to contribute to this project, which I will discuss once I have a solid design to talk about.

Definitely interested in comments, feedback or collaborators on visural-wicket....

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