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Move to Linode Complete!

Published Fri, 18 Sep 2009

The blog is now happily running on my linode instance!

I had previously been hosting the blog on Dreamhost, and had been pretty happy with the service. Recently though, I signed up for a free Pingdom account.

Pingdom is a service which monitors your site for uptime and response time from different locations around the world, and gives you a real-time graph of those statistics. It will also email or SMS you when your site goes down, and then when it comes up again.

It was from this I found out that the quality of Dreamhost's hosting my site varied wildly over the course of a day. Under "good" conditions the hosting was very good, with the response of the blog's main page coming back in around 1 second (1000ms). However, this would spike reasonably regularly (at least once a day on average) to between 3000-6000ms (3-6 seconds) to respond.

Short outtages of 5-15 minutes were also fairly regular, probably once every day or two. I guess this is mostly dependant on which server you are hosted on, and how many people are running sites or scripts which kill the server on a regular basis. In any case, the quality of service was a bit up and down (pun intended).

I've had a linode account for a few months, mainly for Java hosting and other bits and pieces, so I decided to move the blog over here (LAMP) instead. The performance doesn't seem to be much better (though requests are occasionally 800ms or so now), but the uptime should be better, and the max response time should be much, much better.

I'll post some graphs of the results / differences once I've collected a good amount of data.

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