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Can't Publish A Google Form Outside Your Domain?

Published Tue, 7 Jul 2009 • 1 comments

This one was way harder than it should have been to figure out - if you want to publish a Google Spreadsheets Form and you use Google Apps For Your Domain, make sure these radio buttons in your Docs service management settings are like this -

Google Apps - Doc Publish Settings

Google has a habit of making occasional odd design choices. It's not so much that the way this "not allowed to publish outside of the domain" works, it's more that you wouldn't expect it to apply to forms, or at least be told when trying to embed or email a form that it won't be able to be submitted unless the recipient has an account in your domain.

Instead that message is left for the person attempting to submit but can't. Not the most intuitive set up.

That said, Google forms are pretty nice, particularly if you're already using Google Docs!

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