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Open Source » OraDocletPlus - Oracle DB Schema Documentation Tool


OraDocletPlus is an enhanced version of the OraDoclet database documentation generator available at

The tool will automatically generate a set of HTML documents based on the Oracle database schema that you connect it to. It will pull our pretty much all meta-data about the schema, including indexes, column comments, foreign keys, and PL/SQL source code.

I threw these changes together as I needed to generate some database schema documentation quickly and found the original OraDoclet to be a pretty good solution, although it had a couple of bugs, looked very out of date and hasn't been updated in quite a while.

Note that the original author of OraDoclet was Vladimir Katchourovski - kudos to him for creating a concise & simple tool.


The differences between OraDocletPlus and the original OraDoclet are:


It is licenced under the GPL 2.0 licence, the same as the original OraDoclet.


Check out the example output from the standard Oracle "hr" schema.


The code is now maintained at GitHub - check out the project page for source code. Any contributions and fixes are welcome!

You can download the latest binary JAR here -


Ensure that you have the library jars available in the lib/ sub-folder from where you're running from (if you unzipped the above package, and you ran from where you unzipped, you should be fine).

java -jar oradocletplus.jar username/[email protected]:port:sid <output_directory> [<copyright_notice>]
java -jar oradocletplus.jar fred/[email protected]:1521:mydb c:/temp/oradocs "My Company Inc."

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