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visural-wicket 0.7.0 release with support for Wicket 1.5

Published Fri, 9 Sep 2011 • 6 comments

Today I pushed out release 0.7.0 of visural-wicket. This release is primarily a bug-fix and minor enhancement release, with one major feature - support for Wicket 1.5 which was released as stable yesterday!

You can get the downloads here (note there is a separate package for Wicket 1.4 and Wicket 1.5) -

Using Maven? Use this set up guide instead.

The full list of changes is here. Mostly these are bug fixes. Both the Wicket 1.4 and Wicket 1.5 versions incorporate the fixes.

The Wicket 1.5 library has not had extensive testing as yet, so please lodge any issues found on the project issue tracker, or at the Google Group.

Please note also, that the source for the project migrated to GitHub not long ago. If you'd like to contribute then I would welcome pull requests or patches!

Hope to get through some more of the issues lodged in the project tracker soon. I'm slowing adjusting to being a Dad, and still having time to work on my projects such as this :)

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